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Did you know that the forex market is the main financial market in the whole world? It is because of its instability. Forex traders and Stockholders must, thus, reach the exchange market with care.

As a trader, understanding how to administer your risk is essential. Trading in unstable markets needs to understand the possible profits, losses, and trading costs.

How much cash is value to your investment must be the initial step when investing in the foreign exchange market. That is where forex calculators come into play.

What’s a Forex trading calculator and why do you need it?

Trading includes many calculations, which may be a problem for a beginner trader. When you began trading, you did not actually suppose to be calculating things much. You understood how to sell or buy. And, the only calculation was the pleasing calculation of workable profits. When the trading outcomes fall short, you should consider what you did.

The price has approved a thousand points and that with your volume it equals 100$ of profit. But for some reason, the profit was not 100 but 50$. Why’s that? There are many reasons as the outcome relies on many factors. And, one of them is the primary calculation factors.

Traders in forex need to do many calculations themselves. It takes much time and trading needs to be exciting due to all the calculations. A trader needs to compute different parameters. And, they are a cost of a single point, commission sizes, spreads, swaps values, order size.

And, then link them all with the cash administration parameters for your cash deposit.

Present trading has not changed in these matters. And, to make money now you need to do many calculations, but there is a big difference: you do not need to do them yourself. There are previous traders who still analyze the whole thing themselves.

But, most traders now use the calculators. There are some calculators offered now. Somebody needs to calculate cash management strictures. 

Someone requires calculating spreads and commissions. And, somebody wishes to compute their affiliate reward size in a single click. Yes, there are many calculators that can perform this. This article is to show you a range of Forex trading calculators. And, will assist you to know the fundamental principles of their operation. So, let’s start.

The Forex Trading calculators are a tool for updating traders about likely parameters. And, that are of prospective transactions and expenditures to uphold their positions. These calculations are not as a recommendation to invest money in making transactions.

These calculators allow traders to do risks involved in the forex market. This post involves fifteen forex calculators online that you will not at all wish to miss on. So, go through a complete detail of these calculators.

If you need help to start trading, contact us, and we will provide you with the tools you need.

1. Pip Calculator Forex

This one is used to calculate the value of pip of base money. These calculations allow you to check your risk for each trade very well. It is the transformation that is visible in every pair. Because of an undertaking in each pip in quantified exchange rates. You require position size, pairs, and the base exchange to use PIP forex calculator. Check out how it works:

Set the size of pip on the forex calculator. Rather than currency pairs, which are the Japanese Yen. The single pip size as compared to 0.0001 of the prices.

  • Get the exchange rate from the present rates available in the calculator.
  • Choose the trade’s exchange pair.
  • Value of PIP for a particular position size is to check by this calculator.

Alter the value of pip into the selected currency as per the chosen rate.

PIP value is produced by this calculator in different accounts. It depends on the trade’s size, involving mini, micro, and normal accounts. This calculator helps you in gaining better experience and help you make more profit.

2. Fibonacci Calculator

Breakdowns and rebounds confront the forex market. Retracement points of Fibonacci are to create the price chart points. Every point is a ratio of how much of the previous shift is to be retracted by the earlier movement. These forex calculators are to analyze the retracements and postponements.

You need the smallest and largest range of the recent trend and the path. Since complete with these data, the calculator would produce random terminologies. You do not need to run the calculations yourself anymore.

3. Margin Calculator

This is used to calculate the margin. It is used for creating positions. Creating a trade position with any account needs to develop a margin. In this, position size is a commodity, currency, security possessed by a trader. Letting them have admittance to their currency undertaking against different currencies.

With these calculators, an investor can alter their leverage or decrease the lot size. A trader can calculate exchange pair, trade size, etc from this calculator. Choose this information and use the margin calculator to do the remaining work for you.

4. Calculator For Position Size 

In trading, you need to trade with the amount and make a profit, it is not sure if you will make or not. Forex trading is a risky asset. Though, if you want to be successful, you should be smart about how you do these risks.

Appropriate position size is important to make sure that you do not own your account inflate. It depends on a single trade where these forex calculators come into play.

This kind of calculator is to develop a suitable position size for the trade. It depends on risk level, stop loss in pips, account dimensions, and currency pair. This calculator checks a position margin and focuses on the position size.

By having a few inputs on these calculators, you can understand how much exchange is worth to sell or buy. That is to keep the extreme risk per position in control.

5. Calculator for Stop Loss 

It is also popularly known as ‘take profit calculator’. Stopping Loss and Taking Profit are the most fundamental attributes to verify the forex trade.

This signifies traders can educate their brokers to stop losses and generate profits. These calculators are to generate possible profit or loss linked to a specific trade. This calculator allows you to relax and make decisions on the investment trade.

If you aim to put your currencies on a longstanding or short-range trade. Then these calculators can assess all the linked profits or losses. You need the size of the position, the base value, and trading tools

6. Calculator For Lot Size

It is a forex calculator that is helpful to you in managing risks very fast. This kind of calculator is for analyzing the size of lots and units appropriate for trade. A lot is defined as account exchange units or base exchange that you want to buy or sell.

A lot has 100K units of your account. For example, if you want to invest a sole lot in a currency pair, then you can hold up to $100K. This calculator would help you in getting this calculation effectively. For finding the position size, this comes handy.

This calculator makes trading faster and well-organized.

You can also check for potential entries. 

This calculator is the easiest method. It helps to get profit targets and possible stop-loss levels.

  • It helps in finding the right earn-lose ratio.
  • If you consider verifying how large trade is, then this forex calculator will be the finest indicator.

7. Profit Loss Calculator in Forex

Through this, we can check how much a person will lose or earn. Once his Take-Profit and Stop-Loss points have got attained. To compute this predicted profit or gain through this calculator. You will need a currency pair, lot size, account types, profit, and stop-loss value.

It’s simple to compute the profit and loss of a targeted trade yourself if USD terms are to mention a currency pair. The calculations may change to complex when diverse foreign exchange pairs are used.

 8.  Calculator For Pivot Point 

This comes under the technical analysis and used by many traders. This helps to identify points around which the market can shift. This shift is all about confrontation levels and possible support areas. It is where the price movement changes are to feel. Traders can use them to calculate pivot points for multiple tools. 

This helps to identify points around which the market can shift. This shift is all about confrontation levels and possible support areas. It is where the price movement changes are to feel.

These points are bonds, options, futures, and commodities. These instruments should have an increased, or decreased price within any provided span. These are important in checking the trading pattern which is basically daily, weekly, or monthly. 

9. Calculator for swap

A trader can use it to access a rate for the swapped currencies. It measures the rate after removing any type of open position. This reaches the rate depending on the size of the position. A trader can use it among two currencies and that is of the trading exchange pair.

This swap payment is to credit or debit in your positions. As with the sum showing in the account balance. This includes trading instruments, cash, and many more.

Once you enter these details, this calculator would create your forex swap. In many situations, this calculator would get modified every day. It is to make sure that you get a likeness of how much interest is to charge.

You might not require using a swaps calculator if you do intraday trading. This is among the important fundamental tools that a trader uses.

10. Spread Calculator

A trader uses to analyze the spread just like the other market. To define, the spread is the variance between the selling and buying price of an exchange pair.  Forex brokers make use of two normal spreads such as bid and ask. Traders basically use it for bid and ask function.

The bid is the selling cost of the base exchange, whereas ask shows the selling cost of that currency.

This calculator is a significant tool for forex brokers. Since they allow them to create how they can generate cash with no commission. If you look at trade with no commission fee, the price is to add from the selling and buying cost of a currency pair. Thus, when using this calculator, it is riskier to note the following:

  • The spread basically various throughout the day.
  • Spreads get computed by involving liquidity and instability.

· Forex spreads are to consider marginal calls. Which signifies when a spread broadens whereas holding a position. You may meet a margin call or get stopped out of that trade position. You can use a spreads calculator to check the prices to ignore the broadening of spreads

· They use pips, which is the smallest unit of it.

11. Calculator For Forex Profit 

It’s not to trade or invest in the forex market. If not anticipating the shortcoming liability and the positive effect. Since that is the condition, most traders would use these types of calculators.

Many traders use this to calculate their profits. Concerns having a strong picture of the financial advantages of trade. A profit calculator is here to syndicate all the applicable factors’ workable profits.

Here are some factors employed by a profit calculator in assessing anticipated advantages:

  • Exchange Pair. A profit calculator involves a broad variety of pairs. Such as exotics, majors, minors, and crosses.
  • Action. Where a profit forex calculator marks whether the position is to detail via a buy or sell, or short or long.
  • Account Exchange. This calculator should create what currency to select in a trading account.

Trade Dimension — Used for calculating the value of a pip.

Price of Opening and Closing Trade — A trader takes a market entry with a price and he or she trade for the whole day. When the trader closes the trade, this calculator takes the difference between the opening and closing.

12. All-in-one Calculators

You can consider it as a jack of all jobs. All the calculators that can perform certain jobs, this calculator can do multiple of them. From pip value, entry levels, pips, and more, you can easily find out many things. 

And, the outcomes get changed to your favoured currency. There is a need to put details about position size, margin, swaps, and value of a pip. And, the calculator would do the calculation for you. Such detail is the account base money, kind of trade, instrument type, and dimensions.

13. Multitarget Calculator

It finds out the ratio of return and risk.  Forex multitarget calculators are to make the part or dimension of a position. And, that must close at multitarget levels to meet the best RRR.

If a trader identifies that a market undertaking is probable to get a long-term tendency. Then they wish to divide a huge part of the trade to the concluding target.

If the expected movement is probable to get small returns. Then, these calculators let traders highlight the starting targets for the trade.

14. Calculator for risk check

These forex calculators are to mention the account balance ratio. That’s about a trader eager to risk. These calculators are making it very easy for traders. Because it divides the proper lot sizes to a particular trade. These calculators have cash in the account, exchange pairs, and the price of stop-loss. A trader can find out this thing by stop-loss and the size of the lot.

15. Calculator For Reward and Risk in Forex

These calculators are for calculating the targets, and the reward-to-risk proportion. These calculations depend on the Fibonacci retracements. And that is from the base to the regional peak. If you are a beginner or even an experienced trader, you can use it.

Because this calculator allows traders to understand the possible risks beforehand opening a position.

Final Word on Forex Calculators


To sum up, forex calculators are one of the most basic tools for any trader or stockholder.

These calculators are for different purposes. These are in efforts to administer risks linked to the forex market. Here are some significant points to recall:

  • A pip calculator uses the base cash. For example, in USD/EUR, USD is the base currency.
  • A pip calculator produces the value regarding the difference in the accounts.
  • Lot size tools are to calculate multiple things as unit size.
  • A Fibonacci calculator is for reviewing retracements.
  • A margin calculator checks the margin for holding position. This assists trader in making decisions to decrease lot size or control leverage.
  • A calculator for position size forex is for checking the size of stock.
  • It needs factors and attributes. These are the account exchange, trade dimension, leverage, and exchange pair.
  • A stop-loss calculator identifies the loss and profits linked to trade.
  • A profit-loss calculator marks the profit-loss ratio.
  • A swap tool is used to calculate the transaction fees.
  • The spreading tool is used to check spreads. It is for the variance between the selling and buying prices of an exchange pair. It helps in knowing how forex traders generate cash from a no commission trade
  • A profit tool tells traders their profits.
  • The all-in-one tool shows swaps, the value of PIP, and many more.

In the end, the Forex calculators are an adaptable tool. It may be helpful to both beginners and experts in financial markets. A trading calculator helps traders with a possible online calculation of transaction strictures. And, select well-organized trading strategies, to make the best decision beforehand opening positions.

These were the tools that every trader should have. If you are a beginner or even an experienced trader, you need to have these calculators. 

Be it forex trading or stock trading, having the right set of tools is important. You can earn money in an easy way if you use them in the right way. 

There are many successful traders who always recommend using calculators in trading. They are a vital part of daily trading. In the above collection, we have now 15 calculators. Each one is important in its way. 

If you were not using them before, its time to do so. Be it pip or swap, these all technical terms play an important role in trading. 

There are many people online who offer tools. But, these tools will be more than enough to start and make money successful. Earning online is not difficult, you need to have the right tools and strategies

Want to start trading as a full-time career? First, practice your strategies on a demo account. When you feel confident, you can use the calculators and start trading. 

Keep in mind

There are hundreds of trading platforms on the Internet. As a trader, you need to select the right broker. If you want to be successful, make sure you are studying the basics. This will help you gain more expertise in online trading.

There are many online courses also available that offers you complete information. Try to take some time off and learn daily. Read about the calculators and how to use them like a pro. 

Trading is like a game and you need to practice it well to win it. In the long run, you will earn decent money. Follow the right tools, strategies, and choose the right broker. 

If you are not familiar with any of the calculators, read about it and learn each aspect of it. This is how you will become an expert in trading. Once you are familiar with the tools, you won’t take time to achieve big numbers. 

Trading is for long-term gainers. If you can wait, the market is for you. Learn different concepts of trading and practice it on a daily basis.  

In the end, we can say— choose the right broker and practice a lot. The more you do work on the ground, the more money you will earn. Use these calculators to re-define your trading strategy.

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