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In the forex world, exotic currency pairs are a single major currency like the Euro (EUR), USD, Japanese Yen (JPY). And, it’s exchanged with a currency of a developing economy of Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, etc.

Furthermore, the exotic pairs in the currency market involve a good relationship. It is necessary that both sides keep up the outlook of exotic to each other. Yet, as pleasing as these pairs may appear, traders don’t take a chance on them. And, thus, they are not traded like major pairs.

The purchasing costs of trading exotic pairs are higher in comparison to major pairs. Such as, these exotic pairs’ spreads can be twice or sometimes thrice bigger than major pairs.

Factors affecting exotic currencies are not like major currencies. The dilemma of a major pair will rely on the wellbeing of its economy and the interest rate difference. Also, these pairs would often shift on modifications in the political setting.

Reasons you trade exotic currency pairs?


These are a lot more resilient, which comes from more inadequate markets. Also, they can be very responsive to conversions. In essence, many traders don’t believe them. And, are usually frightened by the thought of investing in a risky trade.

But, by all means, where there is a risk, there are some of the essential trading opportunities as well.

There are many reasons why this is the condition. Say, whenever there’s a breakout from support or resistance, exotic pairs will move truly. And, it will not have a minor fall or decline.

Of itself, they let traders make use of the next point of support or resistance as a very workable target. Since you understand, this rarely occurs with major pairs, for example, GBP, USD, EUR. And, the same, as these have to be more steady.

One more reason to think about exotics is that they have to shift much. These do not move once in a while. These pairs will move oftentimes, and by a little. Thus, you ever get a chance to enter a trading position and make some cash from these shifts. Given that you understand what you are performing.

Definitely, it is random sometimes, as pairs could shift 2,000 pips and then stay with no cause. The key reason for this is that alone fewer banks are trading them. So, when the move begins, it keeps sounding onward, and it goes forever. Later, when it’s done, there is no other trader who will change the method, so the movement will be as it is.

So, all this signifies that exotic pairs can be intricate. Yet they are also pleasant for forex traders who relish the activity and provocation. Trading exotic pairs would cut through the continuity of the expected markets. And, it will make the trade satisfying.

You would think like you are discovering how to trade for the first time over. Also, that is quite a high feeling that everybody gets to endure once. Shifting to exotics can assist you re-live that feel and make things enjoyable once more.

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Possible concerns while you trade exotic currencies

As discussed, exotics are not much traded, which signifies that they are also less liquid. Markets with weak liquidity are not as wide to traders as those with greater liquidity. And, it’s something worth remembering.

In a similar way, you may get disclosures that you haven’t become conventional to. An example of this appeared in the second part of 2016. Which was ahead of the Presidential elections, when USD/MXN began to act as a substitute for Donald Trump’s break.

The Republican victory about the country’s trade with Mexico created huge confusion. And, the Peso turned out very much susceptible to the election result than the USD or other currency.

Best exotic pairs to trade as a beginner?

Now, let us discuss some of the essential exotics that you can hope to enter. When it is about these pairs, most of the time involves a major currency pair. And, that you may use as an entrance point to the exotics, along with the exotic currencies itself.

The exotic currency, as described, is oftentimes small, somewhat undiscovered. And, it goes to more modest economies and emerging countries. A small need for these currencies also directs them not to be the common liquid ones.

It’s worth quoting that they can be the most unpredictable trading currency pairs. Also, trading them may be somewhat costly. Some of the best examples of these pairs are:

  • JPY/NOK (Japanese yen vs. Norwegian krone)
  • USD/THB (US dollar vs. Thailand baht)
  • EUR/TRY (Euro vs. Turkish lira)
  • GBP/ZAR (Sterling vs. South African rand)
  • AUD/MXN (Australian dollar vs. Mexican peso)
  • USD/VND (US dollar vs. Vietnamese dong)

Exotic Pairs: Method of Trading Them

First of all, always keep the size of trading in your chosen levels of risk. Provided the big moves that exotic exchange pairs can make, you have to defend yourself. Thus, a declining trade does not clear your account. Moreover, you need to fix a broad stop loss gap.

It is for the cause that the big changes in costs might hit you out of a profitable trade due to a fixed level of stop loss.

On another side, a place for the exotic pairs should be daily shifting before starting their latest trend. And, which can be in your support.

When, some references to basic news, like news on fiscal policy and GDP cannot be fast possible for exotics. Thus, traders should restrict themselves to trading exotic pairs. Because they have enough knowledge to decrease their risk disclosure.

Keep in mind, before trading an exotic pair, you should think of correlations. That is between the currencies and linked business assets.

Before Trading Exotic Pairs, You Need to Identify the Risks

  • Track and determine the improvements in macroeconomic factors.
  • For Instance, the supply and demand movements for far-off nations can be imposing. Thus, pointing to increased risks.
  • You need to take into consideration the profound liquidity. Especially, to contracts done at banks and decided constant rates for returns, payments.

Be informed of increased changes that you can have through political uncertainties. They create it tough for even experienced stockholders to exchange exotic currency pairs.

Trading Example: Analyzing USD vs. TRY and EUR vs. USD

On the whole, the majors are not much volatile and additionally liquid than the exotic pairs. For example, we have selected to analyze the repeated price changes of the EUR/USD pair with USD/TRY pair.

Exotic currency pairs can be more anticipated

These pairs can provide some of the best chances if you are eager to count on them.

In spite of all the risks linked to trading exotics, some actually allege that exotics can be more anticipated to exchange than minors or majors.

This is particularly genuine when you trade an exotic pair next to a very powerful currency like the USD.

When considering the charts of 2 diverse exotic currencies paired with the USD, you can even notice that they are most alike in sense of price changes.

This is due to the US dollar (USD) is very powerful that it overcomes anything that may impact the cost of the diverse exotic currency; the US dollar (USD) in essence prescribes the currency pair’s price.

In a sense, this can signify a trader with the best knowledge of the US dollar (USD). And, what impacts it could trade many exotic currency pairs right away and generate a profit.

That stated, different currencies, for example, the British pound or GBP, might be tougher to identify and there can be more variation.

Exotic currencies are sometimes known as technically compliant, Signifying that when there seems to be a getaway, it generally takes place.


Traders need to be sure that they force their risk disclosure. It is by understanding the rules described in this post.

The main thing to trading exotic pairs very well is to do a thorough research of their home nations. It is to have complete knowledge of their layoff and the basics that make these pairs.

By all means, it goes without stating that you must have huge trading knowledge to get into these trades and make money, on the basis of the currency’s changes.

But, chances to get into the trade are quite frequent, because movements are simple, and whenever they take place, they have to be effective and potent. Trading exotic pairs are normally most suitable for traders who look for some fun, exercise and improve their trading system.

It may cut the boredom, but it may also occur in losses, so you must be cautious and learn the rule of thumb— never trade huge money than you may manage to lose.


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