Forex Industry 2020 Performance in the Middle of COVID-19

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Since the COVID-19 eruption continues to expand all over the world. The countries are confronting the facts of containing the virus and safeguarding people. It is predictable that this is too having a direct effect on the international forex market.

The Coronavirus has caused unique health and financial crisis in the world. And, it is behind the significant disturbance in financial markets globally too. Thus, keeping the business succession plans of all market partners to the check.

The Forex industry experts have sustained a huge pressure due to the virus. And, it has an impact on their business operations, infrastructure, and technology. And, the majority of them moved to work from home.

The people would remember 2020’s first quarter. Because it is the most active period over financial markets since 2008. As the confusion circling the coronavirus outburst raised to fear, despair, and destruction.

In the Forex space, there were various fatalities of the COVID pandemic. But some forex currencies were capable of shining through the market destruction. The biggest winner was the powerful Dollar. And, that has seen against each sole G10 exchange. That is removing the Swiss Franc and JPY. Shareholders from the world’s all 4 corners hurried for a fresh part of the Dollar.

Because global slump concerns became the main point. Since we enter the 2020’s 2nd quarter, the Dollar Index could shift higher. And, it can if international sentiment doesn’t improve. Considering the technical view, a consecutive daily close over 99.90 could create a way close to 101.00 and 102.00.

In this post, we will discuss how this disease is impacting forex industry and the markets.

Japanese Yen (JPY) Eyes USD’s Authority

Another winner in the Foreign Exchange arena was the JPY or Japanese yen. In periods of change, shareholders have a tendency to move towards safety with the Yen. And, performing as one of the best places of safety over the previous few months.

The USD vs. JPY pair continues as a benchmark for the Dollar and Yen as risk objection. And, it boosts appetite for both exchanges. A decline under 107.00 could activate a drop close to 106.60 and 106.00. A breakout over 109.00 should create a way towards 111.60.

Euro Has Diverse Performance, but Unstable against US Dollar

The Euro currency has shown volatility levels next to the Dollar since the beginning of 2020. At the single point, the EUR vs. USD pair fell more than 850 pips previous to picking up 500+ pips. Because the COVID-19 swept over markets. Key measures have been set by the ECB to protect from the painful shocks due to the coronavirus outburst.

Now, the thing is whether this would raise attraction close to the Euro in the 2nd quarter of 2020 or not. Continued instability under 1.1000 could activate a drop close to 1.0780 and 1.0650. Should 1.1000 perform as strong support, and prices could check 1.1220.

EUR vs. GBP Pair Falls Under 0.8900

pound to euro

A big war is occurring on the EUR/GBP pair as shareholders confront instability in both the Euro and GBP. A strong periodic close under 0.8800 could make a clean way close to 0.8600. If prices split above 0.8900, the EUR/GBP pair could bounce near to 0.9100.

South African Currency Goes at a Very Low Level

The South African currency Rand is lowering close to the all-time drop. Since investors consider Moody’s newest verdict. And, that is to lower the country’s final investment rank. The local exchange has failed next to each sole G10 exchange year-to-date. Also, dropped about 30% next to the Dollar.

With shareholders taking a cautious stand between the coronavirus outburst. Also, recession worries exuding trust. Thus, the growing market exchanges like Rand are set to reduce further. One main question is how much can the Rand lower as we get into the 2nd part of 2020? Should the Dollar value on risk hostility, this can intensify the Rand’s distress. Professional traders would proceed to see how the USD vs. ZAR acts over 18.00.

A Primary Effect on China and Australia

Analysis of the FX market of the initial few months shows how unpredictable the market has been in 2020. Since the explosion in China spread globally, so too began its effect on the global economy.

China got the initial hit on the forex market since news of the virus outburst went global. Thus, it was not long before the AUD started getting hit too, as China is their biggest trading associate. Also, considering that China’s currency has restrictions to trade within short ranges. And, the AUD is generally used as a substitute.

But, various investors take it as a risk exchange when the markets are not stable. And, supporting other more constant currencies for trade agreements. Due to the COVID-19 cases in Australia in January, these exchange rates remained on the drop.

The European Emergency in the Forex Industry

Death numbers in Italy, Spain, Germany, and France have a prolonged impact due to the virus. And, it has health services and economic resources. It is all during COVID-19. Thus, the EUR vs. USD pair is on a descending trend since the beginning of the year 2020.

Although, the ECB stated that they will add €750 billion into the market. That is to administer the economic fallout from the COVID19 on 12th March. And, this hasn’t done much to increase investors’ trust who are choosing the USD as a stable forex currency.

In the UK, the launch of safety means the virus was slow, which affected trust in sterling. Mixed with the BoE decreasing the first interest rates more to 0.1%. Also, their present account debt and extended Brexit risks, investors are converting sterling. That is bringing the value downwards as a result.

Yet, a positive thing to take is that different countries in the EU are learning from past mistakes. That is most influenced by the coronavirus in the previous phases of the outbreak. Thus, introducing more stringent coping tactics straight apart from waiting. It’s believed that this ardent approach can assist in the improvement of the Euro in the long-term. Thereby leaving them in a powerful position to get a faster financial recovery.

The US Debacle

Over the Atlantic, despite the US’ primary objection to taking measures against Coronavirus. The shareholders are still buying USD. Some of this has to do with the Fed’s readiness to give as much liquidity to the market as workable. And, along with the dollar that we can see as the exchange of last option. That is now assisting to save the dollar’s worth to shareholders.

The COVID-19 outburst in the US would keep a twist on medical and financial security. Also, their delayed responses to the virus hitting the US could signify they are also slow to improve. As many countries are affecting by the outbreak. Thus, economists are forecasting that the US recession is almost in a given condition. And, that could impede the improvement for the whole global market.

How is Forex Market Responding to the Crisis?

The response in the economic markets has been driving and powerful. Also, same to the moves seen through the international economic crisis in 2008/09, if not more active.

Equity markets have had the burden of the sell-off. Because shareholders venture increased risk assets in favour of the safe-havens. And, often, leave the market completely. The US stock indices have sustained. Even though are still under 25% since mid-Feb. And, with investments in Europe lower at the same amount.

The FTSE 100 index has fallen to its weakest point since 2011. So, having discarded 1/3rd of its worth below 3 weeks. Big scale invasion on the share of central banks and management has assisted to some degree. But, it is away from completely renewed stockholders’ trust.

What could Occur After That?

With no past example to bring upon, it’s very difficult to make any kind of exact forecasts. That is, particularly in the mid-to-long-term. What we understand is that instability in the market is set to stay very high for now. And, especially the virus is yet to rise in the main financial regions all over the world. We may proceed to view the dollar performs as the secure currency of selection.

As developing market currencies are there, the area and volume of the moves will be personal. And, in the big segment, these are relying on every country’s macroeconomic basics. That is to different factors, which are market positioning and liquidity.


There is a huge question enclosing the international economy at the moment. And, that straight affect the forex markets. But, it doesn’t suggest that there aren’t chances to still trade very well. Whereas the forex markets are undergoing the levels of instability.

So, if you need more help with learning forex trading, and science behind it. Then, for the latest forex news and other things, you can have a look at our blog.

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