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Forex is generally traded in particular amounts such as lots, or the sum of currency units you would buy or sell. The regular size for a lot is 100K units of exchange. And now, there are also micro, mini, and nano lot sizes that are 10K, 1K, and 100 units.

Some forex brokers exhibit quantity in lots. Whereas others represent the true exchange units.

Since you may understand, the variation in a currency value linked to another is measured in pips (percentage in points). And, which is a small ratio of a unit of currency’s worth.

To get the benefit of this minute difference in value, you must trade a large sum of a specific currency to know any meaningful profit or loss.

Lot size and Forex trading

lot size

To say, a lot is the shortest possible trade size that you may put when doing Forex market trading. The brokers would point to lots by portions of thousand or a micro lot. You need to understand that lot size affects the risk you are considering.

Thus, getting the best lot size with the risk management calculator can assist you to know the needed lot size. It must be based on your account size. No issue if you practice or trade truly. You should know the sum you will be able to take risks.

In the stock market, a lot size suggests the amount of shares you buy in a single transaction.

In options trading, a lot size identifies the whole number of agreements included in single derivative security. The theory of lot size permits economic markets to manage price quotes.

It suggests the size of the trade that you make in the fiscal market. With the control of prices, shareholders are always informed of how many units they are purchasing an individual agreement. Thus, they may fast assess what’s the cost they are giving for every unit.

Number of units equal to one lot

In Forex trading, one standard lot suggests the sum of 100.000 units. Thus, when you purchase one lot of a currency pair, that suggests you bought 100.000 units from the base exchange.

Suppose that you wish to buy the EUR/US dollar pair and let us say that its market rate is 1.10.

When you own one lot of EUR/USD you would be doing $110.000 worth of buy.

If you use leverage on your forex broker you do not need to possess $110.000. With the leverage of 1:100, you would only need $1.100 to complete the order.

When the leverage reaches to a higher point, the margin you have to start the trade will go at a lower point.

Suppose, if you are making use of 1:500 leverage, you require only $220, which comes by 110.000 / 500 = $220, to own one regular lot of EUR/USD.

For one lot, the value of a single pip is equivalent to $10 if USD is on the counter exchange in that currency. Thus, if EUR/USD goes higher for one hundred pips next you buy, you would generate a profit of $1000.

Each trader should set the sum of the trades on the basis of an individual risk plan. The larger lot expects larger profits or loss from the trades.

Definitely, it is fair sometimes to start trades below 1 lot through the mini, micro as well as nano lot.

What are Mini Lot sizes?

A mini lot size is equal to ten per cent of the regular lot, which is 100.000 x 0.10 = 10.000 units. So, while you start with 0.10 lot, you will trade one mini lot. With each mini lot, the value of a single pip for EUR/US dollar agrees to $1.

If you’re a beginner and you wish to begin trading through mini lots, keep well profited.

$1 per pip seems small, but in forex, the market may shift to even 100 pips anytime. If the market goes next to you, that’s a loss of $100. For trading a mini account, you must begin with the sum of $2000.

What are Micro Lot sizes?

Micro lots are comparable to %1 of the regular lot, which is 1.000 units.

When you trade .01 lot of EUR/US dollar, you buy or trade 1.000 units of EUR/US dollar.

The value of each 1 pip for the Euro/US dollar is $0.10 if you make use of a micro lot, which is 0.01.

Micro lots are the least tradable lot. A micro lot is the part of 1000 units of your funding exchange.

If you’re trading a dollar-dependent pair, one pip will be equal to ten cents. Also, Micro lot sizes are very good for learners.

Things to Know about Nano Lot size

A Nano lot is the same as 10 or 100 units. It depends on the broker whom you are trading with. Some consider it as ten and some take it as a 100 units.

The nano lot size is not provided by various forex brokers.

The nano lot size is the most reliable method to trade if you’re a new trader, or if you wish to check a new trading plan.

You may do the practice with limited risk as well as loss.

If you try a skillful advisor or are attempting a latest trading plan, it’s good to go with nano lot size for initial weeks. It is only to ignore huge losses.

Lot Calculator Method

You can use a lot calculator to increase the lot size. And, you may trade for a specific currency pair with the provided margin size.

Let us say, for this trade you consider putting on 1 position that uses the margin size present. The primary domain is the exchange pair, in this condition, EUR/USD. The second domain is the pips’ number like the stop-loss size, which is 30 pips.

The third domain is the ratio you are eager to risk for each trade; we can suppose it’s still 3.5%. The fourth domain is the size of the margin. We found that the margin size will be $35,449 for the 3 forex pairs, thus we may use that as an instance.

The outcome from the lot size calculator represents that the largest lot size having 30 pips stop-loss, and 3.5% largest risk sum matches 2.97 lots for a margin extent of $35,449.

The position size calculator uses multiple factors including pip amount, the ratio at risk, and the margin to calculate the largest lot size. When the exchange pair is near in sense of USD the comparison is as follows;

Lot Size = ((Margin * Percentage) ÷ Amount of PIP) ÷ 100K.

When the target exchange pair is near in foreign exchange, we have to arrange the pips being quoted in the foreign trade and increase the preceding formula by the currency rate.

Making use of USD/JPY as the target trade pair, we saw before that 29 pips in USD terms are shown by 32 JPY pips. The lot size for USD/JPY will be calculated as given below:

Lot Size = ((35,449 * 3.5%) ÷ 0.32) ÷ 100,000 = 0.3877234375 lots.

Your broker can have diverse ways for computing pip values associated with a lot size but what else way they perform it, they would be capable of telling you what the pip’s value is for the exchange you are trading at that specific time.

In different words, they perform all the arithmetic for you!

As the market changes, so would the pip value based on what medium of exchange you are right now trading.


It’s good to compare the lot size that you deal with and how a market change will impact you to the sum of help you have when something abruptly takes place. When you put a big trade size relative to your trade accounts, you may come across various troubles. Even a small change in the market can provide a trader with the point of no profit.

Although a trader can do these calculations manually, and are direct, a lot size calculator creates all the things really easier, quicker, and more suitable to be accurate. When you trade and wish to know something fast, a final thing you need to do is look for the formula to reach a specific calculation.

It is important to determine and merge different risk associated parameters into your forex trading plan. You must understand what account size you would need and what percentage you will risk for each trade. Along with this, you also need to know how often you trade and the total capital you will use as margin. By calculating all these, you will know your own risk to profit ratio.


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